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Published at the Lizanne Falsetto, Aspirations for Wellness & Longevity Blog,FEBRUARY 28, 2019

Can we live to 110? All the developments and innovations in health and wellness are pointing to yes. But there is a big catch. If you can hang in through your 50’s & 60’s taking good care of yourself with the proper sleep, hydration, exercise and eating well, the chances with expanding technology & medical research points to a longer life after 90. As a wellness pioneer, and an explorer of health & wellness trends, l’m constantly educating myself by researching the newest medical & food trends, as well as reading newsletters, reports and studies. I want to live a long and healthy life – to see my children and their children grow and prosper – what could be better? It is because I’m intensely passionate about wellness & longevity that my YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) chapter asked me to chair an event around just that. Naturally, I jumped at the chance and the result was a resounding success….

Increasingly more business leaders are seeking to boost their stamina, brain power, and find the proper work/life balance in their lives. Digital devices were intended to significantly impact the amount of down time we had, but the opposite happened. All work, and no rest causes stress which breaks down the body in countless ways – everything is affected: blood, gut, brain, muscles, skin, hair and more. With that in mind, I created an full-day event that examined the body in pillars to get a better understanding of the emerging technologies and developments from top physicians, as well as all-natural product innovations around wellness & longevity: 

BLOOD/HYDRATION: Most people aren’t properly hydrated. Intravenous therapy is a complete and effective way to infuse the essential nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream to nourish, detoxify and hydrate with immediate and effective results.

Lizanne Falsetto speaking at YPOPCG Wellness & Longevity Event in Ojai – 23 February 2019

BRAIN: The most complex organ in the human body, it’s responsible for all our body’s functions – we could not breathe, move, love, or remember without it. While it stops developing in our mid-20’s, it is possible to improve our adult brain, strengthen old connections and create new ones. The key is to keep learning and engaging your brain to stave off memory issues. 

MUSCLES: Eat more protein. Every muscle in your body is made up of proteins. Lifting weights as you age along with increasing your protein intake is the key to healthy muscles. Eat 3 healthy meals a day that incorporates 20 grams of protein in each meal.  

SKIN:  Our skin is the biggest organ in our body.  As we age, the fiber network weakens, skin sags, and loses its support structure. The basic ways to improve your skin are: water, water, water (hydration), whole foods, and less sugar.  Inflammation is one of the most important processes to consider in aging of the skin. Inflammations are our immune systems response to any problematic substance that has entered into our body.  

One of our presenters made a wonderful analogy that really spoke to the overall message of the event: Our bodies are amazing machines that can compensate for just about anything. We’ve got 2 kidneys, 2 lungs, 2 eyes – take one away and it will readjust and keep going. It runs on a balance – muscle, hormonal, psychological. The idea is to maintain that balance and we can do that through self-care, listening to your body and addressing not only the symptoms but the balance that is thrown off when we get sick or stressed. His words resonated with the entire group, we often treat only the symptoms and don’t address the balance. Wellness is about restoring and maintaining balance. 

Between sessions, a selection of healthy drinks, fresh juices, and cocktails infused with essential oils and better-for-you foods created with organic local products were offered. An Open Market was set up in a designated room for attendees to test all-natural beauty and wellness products. 

The goal of the event was not only to share knowledge, and identify resources to empower us to live longer, healthier lives, but also to start and continue the wellness conversation. My personal philosophy is simple: Self-love, eating well, and using natural products are the foundations for living a vibrant healthy life. Each day as I learn more about health, I’m just affirmed that this is the right path. If we take care of ourselves, our families, co-workers and staff together we can help promote a greater balance to the benefit of all involved. If you are interested in finding out more about the wellness retreat or organizing one for your company or group – please reach out or follow me on Instagram to get the latest wellness trends.

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